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  1. Does our board spend considerably more time (70% or more of the meetings) discussing strategic issues about the future of the organization instead of operational issues of everyday life or from its past, such as the retrospective analysis of financial indicators or the traditional “budget vs. actual” analysis?
  2. Does our board regularly discusses, based on objective indicators, issues related to:
  • The purpose, values, and culture of the organization?
  • The leadership styles prevalent at all levels of the company and their alignment with the desired behaviors?
  • Human capital management, mental health, employee engagement and the creation of an environment characterized by high psychological safety that is conducive to ethics, experimentation and innovation?
  • The growing social activism of stakeholders and the investors’ demands for better environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards?
  • Artificial intelligence, digitalization of the economy, cyber risks, data management and privacy, and potentially disruptive technologies?
  1. Does our board review objectively and regularly how its meeting time is being spent to continually improve its agenda, time allocation and productivity?
  2. Is the culture of our board, manifested in the relationship between directors and management, fully aligned with the values and the aspired culture for the organization?
  3. Does each director clearly understand what is expected of his or her individual contribution to the board and is individually assessed against these expectations?
  4. Does our board have a structured process to deal with directors who have been underperforming?
  5. Does our board provide high transparency on its functioning to shareholders and other key stakeholders through a report that explains how our board has been adding value to the organization?
  6. Does our board have adequate diversity in its most varied dimensions as well as provide an inclusive environment in which all directors — especially the youngest, those recently appointed to the board or those belong to minorities — are equally heard?
  7. Does our board have an education program that ensures directors continuous learning on both soft skills as well as on emerging and critical issues for businesses in the 21st century?
  8. Collectively, does our board have the human capital appropriate to the challenges that our organization is going to face in the next five to ten years? (e.g. directors with expertise in emerging issues critical to the future of the organization, such as organizational culture, leadership, digital technologies, data science and environmental issues).




Professional speaker, business thinker and founder of Virtuous Company, a top management consultancy on corporate governance, culture, leadership, and purpose.

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Alexandre Di Miceli

Alexandre Di Miceli

Professional speaker, business thinker and founder of Virtuous Company, a top management consultancy on corporate governance, culture, leadership, and purpose.

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